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2019 BSA Design Awards Exhibition

Nov 11, 2019 – Jan 31, 2020 | Located at BSA Space

Requirements: Vinyl wall and window graphics, 500+ boards for wall mount, custom magnets, custom lightboxes, wayfinding signage, program handouts, print vendor management

The production of this exhibition was one of the largest projects I’ve ever executed. Notable challenges to previous years included: a shorter production window; an increased volume of content to implement into the space; and testing new display methods to better support sustainability initiatives. These amongst others meant the exhibition needed a complete redesign. With clean schematics I problem solved my way through both design and logistical concerns while maintaining the spirit of the exhibition’s goal.

With the exhibition being the focus of an award program, each entry had to be treated with relatively equal weight as to not imply any favoritism or hint at winners. Given the volume of content on display and the dual nature of the gallery serving as event space, the content needed to be digestible and easy to navigate. Considering the variables and our organization’s publication background (ArchitectureBoston magazine), I created a large-scale one-page spread of sorts for each project. The tall rectangular shape would act as a uniform base, and the elements within would consist of a collection of panel boards, varying in size and shape. This kept the layouts organic within the repeating structure, and allowed for the content of each project to drive it’s own unique arrangement.

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2018 BSA Design Awards Exhibition

Nov 19, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019 | Located at BSA Space

Requirements: Vinyl wall and window graphics, 100+ boards for wall mount, custom glass panes, wayfinding signage, program handouts, print vendor management

This would be my time leading the design and production of a gallery exhibition. Thankfully I had worked with the Art Director through the production process the year before, giving me some insight into the design work needed for something of this scale.

The design work was primarily a re-skin. We had the previous year’s templates to guide the general layout, but the content and graphic elements all needed reworking and updating. I also had to take lead on communications with the installation and print vendors for logistics, deadlines, and budget management. I took great pride in the final debrief with our vendor. Thanks to reformatting the previous years files and providing the installation team with detailed guides, they were able to complete the install in half the time as the previous year and reduce production costs.

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ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX)

ABX 2017 – ABX 2019 | Located at BCEC

Requirements: Window vinyl, foamcore board signage, email marketing campaign, pamphlets and handouts, web banners, graphics

ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is an architecture and design based tradeshow held annually in Boston. The tradeshow host’s workshops, seminars, and a vast exhibition floor for industry related vendors. When it came to the marketing and promotion efforts, I was involved in a variety of ways over the years. Email campaign materials, web banners, microsite CRM management, signage, magazine and program ads, pamphlets, and leave-behinds are some examples of various production needs I’ve provided.

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Email HTML + Wireframe

Boston Society of Architects (BSA/AIA)
Sullivan & Worcester (S&W)

Requirements: HTML code for email blasts and newsletters, lead meetings with staff for event and news promotion scheduling, manage communications calendar

For email scheduling, building, and distribution, I am mainly self-taught. Beginning with general email templates and updating content as needed, I was able to expand my knowledge and skill set of HTML code at an quick pace. After about a year of managing e-mail communications, I was tasked with a redesign of our e-mail and newsletter templates. They would need to reflect the latest branding established from the 2019 website redesign (, streamline increasing amounts of content, and be accessible for non-design staff members to use and update. One of the final challenges I had with these came with the COVID pandemic. To avoid flooding the inboxes of our audience with a large volume of emails, I was able to expand a weekly newsletter in a massive roundup to promote our scheduled programming and the latest in COVID news as it related to the industry.

Previous experience before this included using HubSpot software for email building and delivery, event registration, and list management.

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Magazine Publications

Requirements: Build and design publication files, work with authors on content development, format publication for digital or print distribution

When it comes to publications, I’ve had the experience of being both the sole designer and leading a team. During my time at Sullivan & Worcester, I was tasked with producing the EDGE Advisory, which would be available in print and online through platforms such as Issuu.

I would have similar responsibilities when producing Homeowner’s Project Handbook (HPH) for the BSA/AIA in 2018. For the 2019 edition of HPH, I wouldn’t have the same availability as before to helm the entire project, so I was given the opportunity to manage a freelancer through the project while maintaining day-to-day responsibilities. It was a great experience to switch from the production side of things to management, and guide another designer through the process while enabling them some creative freedom to grow.

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Marketing Collateral

Requirements: Work with staff and stakeholders about content requirements, manage external printer communications, outline deadlines throughout the production process, image correction, custom graphics

During my time with the BSA/AIA I was tasked with designing and maintaining all of our branded print and digital collateral. These pieces ranged from small-scale items like business cards, bookmarks, and postcards, to larger items like sandwich boards, poster boards, and pop-up stands.

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